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We make care very affordable for your and your family. We service patients and their families from Durango, Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, Silverton, Mancos, Cortez, Delores, Bloomfield, Aztec, and Farmington. We are here to help you and your family get and stay healthy. Don’t live with limitations any longer. Get help today and call us to schedule your consultation.

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Is your patient in Durango Colorado for a short visit, extended stay, or relocating? Vertical Chiropractic is honored to take care of your patients while they are in the Four Corners and we appreciate your referral. Please send a “listing card” if your patient is not able to bring their X-ray with them. If here are any special considerations or complications involved please call us directly.



Vertical Chiropractic welcomes referrals from M.D.s, D.O.s, D.P.M.s, and P.T.s. Patients are accepted based solely on the presence of Vertebral Subluxation as determined by our consultation and examination. Patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, postural syndrome or any other vertebral subluxation-oriented problems are welcome. Patients are asked to bring all treatment records including medical history, test results and copies of relevant diagnostic imaging evaluations to their first appointment. Our team regularly communicates the patient’s progress to the referring physician.