Written Testimonials

We can tell you about all the ways that chiropractic can help you find a better way toward health, but here’s a sample of what some of our patients have said about the transformations in their own lives.


I came in to see Dr. Fano after falling off my horse. Immediately following my fall, I felt horrible back pain. As a result, I could not walk, stand, or sit down and was actually carried into the office. My experience with chiropractic is extraordinary! After my first adjustment with Dr. Fano, I could walk immediately and my back has felt better with every visit. Dr. Fano is very informative, trustworthy, and skilled.
Bonnie, 27

I had been in pain for MANY years from injuries. I had been to other chiropractors and practitioners, and the pain was just getting worse. I met Dr. Bobby and decided to go see him as a last resort. I was amazed at how much time he and Brandi spent educating me on the nervous system and how the body works. They showed me my x-rays and I could see how my bones were degenerating. I finally had an explanation of the cause of my pain. They explained how they could correct the problem and I started receiving specific scientific adjustments. After just three weeks of care, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED! I am no longer in pain and no longer taking Tylenol and Advil. I will continue chiropractic care because I never want to feel that way again. I now believe in healing and I am so grateful for Dr. Bobby and Brandi.
Brenda, 47

I came in to see Dr. Bobby because I injured my back skiing and constantly had lower-back pain and a tight neck. I would recommend Vertical Chiropractic to anyone because not only am I out of pain, but I have learned so much since I have been here. Dr. Bobby & Brandi are excellent educators on the body and health!
Luke, 25


I initially came to see Dr. Bobby for my overall health. I had complained of things for years like headaches, acne, fatigue, etc. After seeing Dr. Bobby for three months I have noticed the acne on my face and chest have disappeared, I do not have headaches, and I have more energy. I feel better and better after each adjustment! I am so grateful for the entire team at Vertical Chiropractic; they are such a blessing!
Joslyn, 21


We brought Josh to see Dr Bobby to keep his clubbed feet growing properly. In addition to that Josh is no longer hunching his shoulders and his allergies have diminished significantly!
Julie for son Josh, 8

Before coming to Vertical Chiropractic, I would get sinus infections every Fall and Spring. They would be painful and frustrating. After my adjustments with Dr. Bobby, I have noticed a significant improvement with my allergies. No sinus infection this time!
Mark, 35

My reason for chiropractic care is my allergies were really bad, and my parents tried all kinds of things to get rid of them but nothing worked well. I would be up all night and in a bad mood all day. After seeing Dr. Bobby my allergies are gone, I can sleep through the night, and I can breathe through my nose again!
Blake, 11


When I met Dr. Bobby, I was experiencing arm numbness near my elbow on a regular basis. Since I have regularly been under chiropractic care, the numbness has completely disappeared! Praise God for Dr. Bobby!
Daniel, 31

I was in daily pain from a car accident that occurred several years ago, which left me with two metal plates in my pelvic bone. I also had several cracked vertebrae. My neck ached constantly, and I had increasing numbness in my arms and hands. I was not able to hike and rock climb anymore because of the pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bobby for less than 3 months and the pain and numbness in my arms and hands is completely gone. My neck no longer aches. I can hike for several hours at a time, pain free! I also have had to use expensive orthotics for many years due to extreme foot and toe pain. Now I have no foot pain and I no longer need them. Everyone at Vertical Chiropractic has been a Godsend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Kristie, 46

My husband and I are building a house all by ourselves. This resulted in severe back pain and numbness in my hands. After a few months of seeing Dr. Bobby, I have no more numb hands and I am not waking up with back pain! Thank you Dr. Bobby, Brandi, and staff!
Kathy, 41


I’ve had an issue with asthma for the last 6 years and have had to use inhalers several times per day and use a breathing treatment machine at night. After just 3 months of chiropractic care, I no longer use the breathing machine. I have more energy and haven’t had the usual winter colds and flu. I am so glad to be a patient here and I truly believe in the value of chiropractic. I recommend chiropractic for any ailment and for overall health.
Tracy, 50

My asthma is virtually non-existent when I exercise!
Marcia, 52

I came to see Dr. Bobby for my asthma. Since I started having regular adjustments, my asthma is gone! I sleep and breathe better too!
Isaac, 11

I came to see Dr. Bobby due to pain in my back and stiffness in my neck. My pain is gone, and range of motion has returned. I had been using an inhaler for breathing problems, which I now understand was caused by poor posture. This resulted in a mucus build-up in my brachial passages. The adjustments have corrected my posture, and now I am no longer using an inhaler as well.
Jon, 67


I have been a competitive athlete and coach for the last 32 years. At the age of 55 while seeing Dr. Bobby, I have the best cycling fitness of my life. Twice, I have recorded personal best times on a high mountain pass time trial. Regular chiropractic care from Dr. Fano has improved my athletic performance.
Gerry, 55

I sought chiropractic care because I was experiencing some back discomfort and had stopped running, which I enjoy. Now I feel solid and strong. My advice to anyone considering chiropractic care is to pursue comprehensive care—not the occasional, random adjustment when you hurt, but a systematic approach of consistency to get to the root of the problem.
Nick, 52


I first started coming because my Mom and Dad wanted me to. However, at the time I used to get sick a lot. Now this year I haven’t been sick all year. Not one day missed in school. I’m more alert when in school. I have an A/B average now. I can also keep information in my mind more often, and I can listen in class without running out of interest right away. I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve had natural energy, and my neck isn’t as sensitive. And all these improvements happened after I started coming here.
Rachel, 15


I never believed in chiropractic. After a car accident in Dec. 2011 I started getting constant headaches, neck aches, and back pain. I was taking 2–4 Aleve per day for the pain. After seeing Dr. Bobby I have not had to take Aleve for 6 weeks and I feel 80% better already!
Mark, 63

23 years ago I was injured in a car accident. Ever since, my arm would fall asleep when I slept. After only 3 weeks of adjustments my arm is no longer going to sleep! I am excited and convinced to continue ongoing care here and that this kind of chiropractic is the way to healing and recovery! I would urge anyone who has been in a car accident or has pain of any kind to come see Dr. Bobby! You will feel better!
Nikki, 40


I have had diabetes type 1 and had celiac disease (gluten intolerance) since I was 11. I also had trouble sleeping through the night and felt tired all day. After a couple months of being under Dr. Bobby’s care my blood sugar has leveled out and I am takingless insulin. My celiac is completely gone; I can eat bread! I am also sleeping better and have more energy than ever before!
Holly, 24

I was diagnosed with M.S., and have tried many chiropractors. I was very skeptical at first, but I can honestly say Vertical Chiropractic has helped me so much. I have been able to get off four of my medications already, and I am feeling such a difference! I am no longer having headaches and have improved concentration and motivation!
Beth, 36


My whole family just started care with Doctor Bobby and I am so excited to report that after just two adjustments my 4.5 year old son, who has had trouble with bedwetting, has been dry for three nights!
Victoria for son Gabriel, 4


I came to see Dr. Bobby for my high blood pressure and low-back pain, and I had a shoulder that was out of place. That was just a couple months ago and my shoulder is completely normal again, my low back pain gone, and I do not have to take medicine for my blood pressure anymore!
Lola, 67


I came to see Dr. Bobby because I had scoliosis in my spine and my face was crooked. I also had many food allergies. I did not feel good most of the time. Since I have been seeing Dr. Bobby, he has been able to straighten out my spine and face, and my pain is so much better! My food allergies are gone as well, and I am eating foods that I have not been able to in years! I believe everybody could benefit from Dr. Bobby’s treatment program!
Lorna, 62

I am twelve years old and I was LACTOSE INTOLERANT. After seeing Dr. Bobby I have eaten cheese without having an allergic reaction. I also used to have headaches but Dr. Bobby straightened out my neck, and now I am not having headaches anymore! I love you guys!
– Mariah, 12

I have had stomach problems for 30 years. I had to take a daily prescription to prevent heartburn. Since coming to Dr. Bobby, the heartburn has decreased and I no longer have to take the medication everyday!
Denise, 55


Anna, my daughter, had chronic ear infections. Her eardrum actually burst! Since starting care with Dr. Bobby, she has never had another infection. Anna also had a low appetite and would hardly eat anything. She is now eating us out of house and home! Thank you, Dr. Bobby!
Sara for daughter Anna, 4


Before coming to Dr. Bobby, my energy level had reached an all-time low. I am almost 55 years old and I felt like I was 110! I would sleep for 7–8 hours and wake feeling good, but 5–6 hours later I was exhausted! I have been an active person for most of my life and this was totally out of place for me. Now, my energy level has returned! I have also realized a drastic change in my shoulder—absolutely NO PAIN while I am driving. Additionally, I am well on my way to becoming a non-smoker and the urge to smoke has been drastically reduced. Thank you Dr. Bobby and staff for all your prayers and support!
Bart, 54


I started coming to Vertical Chiropractic in August 2010. Since then, there have been several miracles in my life: Dr. Bobby helped get rid of my fibromyalgia, I regained my balance and can walk and stand without feeling like tipping over, I no longer have sinus problems or infections, I no longer have urinary tract infections and I started sleeping better.
Kathy, 58


The reason I came to Vertical Chiropractic is because I had severe headaches every day. I heard Mom and Dad talking one day. Mom kept saying I should go to Dr. Bobby because it might help my headaches. I thought chiropractic would NOT help. I was pretty nervous when I got into the car on the way there. I had butterflies in my tummy. Ever since getting my adjustments, I have NO headaches. Thank you Dr. Bobby!
Anna, 8

The best I have ever felt in my life is right now—with consistent chiropractic adjustments. I was born with a dislocated hip and have had knee problems and hip pain ever since. I have had chronic back pain for 7 years from a stress facture. Additionally, in the past 5 years, I have always been tired no matter how much I sleep, and I have had migraine headaches 2–4 times per week to the point where I could not function.My husband brought me to Vertical Family Chiropractic and after just one adjustment my headache was gone. After getting adjustments for 2 months my lower-back pain, knee pain, hip pain and lethargy have vanished. I feel great! Dr. Bobby and his staff are fantastic.
Rachel, 25

I sought out chiropractic care because of severe low back pain and headaches. I was also unable to sit for long periods of time without extreme discomfort. My time at Vertical Family Chiropractic has helped to alleviate these various pains. I believe this care is extremely beneficial for overall health and I look forward to getting healthier and healthier. I would urge you to choose Dr. Bobby Fano not only because he is extraordinarily kind and warm, but because his technique (The Gonstead Technique) is based on a science and not just theory.
Joy, 36

I used to get several headaches per week and now I haven’t had a single headache in over a month
Austin, 19

I had shoulder pain every day throughout the day, headaches five days out of the week, and had started to get migraines. Also, my thigh would tingle, go numb, and burn. On occasion, my back would hurt. I no longer suffer every day since I’ve been coming toVertical Chiropractic. There has been a great improvement and my life is a little easier.
Monica, 22


I am so thankful I chose Vertical Chiropractic. The numbness in my arm and hand are gone. The pain in my shoulder and back are gone. What I am most excited about is my hearing is coming back! I am 81 years old and I feel great! I will continue to see Dr. Bobby for my overall health!
Myrtle, 81


I herniated a disc in my back when I was 16, and I have walked like a “hunch back” since. I have literally been in pain everyday for 6 years. I was referred to Dr. Bobby and he did a thorough examination and took spinal x-rays. He then showed me my spine and how it was about 2 inches from where it needed to be. I had no curve in my lower spine and my neck curve was completely backwards. I have been under care about 3 months now and my pain is gone. I can stand up straight and lay on my back for the first time in 6 years! Dr. Bobby is very good at what he does. He is very patient and kind. The whole Vertical Chiropractic Team is wonderful and I thank God for them all the time.
Joseph, 22


I used to take drugs for hip and knee pain, and since seeing Dr. Bobby I no longer have to take these drugs! This past week I went on a long trip, which involved hours traveling by plane and car, and I was very concerned I would have pain. I am happy to say I traveled pain free! I tell everyone about this place! Thank you, Dr. Bobby!
– Brenda, 57

I had consistent pain in my right hip. After chiropractic care, I can stand, sit, and move without pain. Thank you, Dr. Bobby and staff.
Keith, 51
I came in due to consistent lower-back and right-hip pain with some discomfort in my coccyx area. As of today all pain and discomfort have vanished!
Joan, 67


I had spent years with a weak and unsupportive immune system. I was constantly battling viral and bacterial infections. I suffered constant pain and discomfort throughout my body and had forgotten what it was like to sleep.Within five months, I realized I had not felt this good in over twenty years, and it is my considered opinion that anyone seeking better health would be wise to try Vertical Chiropractic first. It is almost like a miracle!
Eunice, 68

I sought chiropractic care because I have asthma and was always getting sick too. Most recently, I came down with a case of mono. I have been under care for three weeks and my mono is gone and asthma is getting better too!
Sally, 14


Lucy is 16 months old. She started coming to see Dr. Bobby at 4 months old because she had a broken collar bone. This prevented me from rotating her head while she slept and she developed a lopsided head. With the help of Dr. Bobby, she is now perfect!
Carley for daughter Lucy, 1

My daughter had “weepy” eyes since her birth. I was told that they would go away on their own but the condition persisted until she was 10 months old. After just one adjustment with Dr. Bobby, her eyes cleared up and now she is 20 months old and the problem has never returned!
Tiffany for daughter Jasmine, 1


My son and daughter had been seeing Dr. Bobby with great results, so when I began having such pain I could barely walk, I knew who could help me. After my first adjustment, the spasms in my lower back stopped. In a week, I was back to 90% of “normal” activities. After a few weeks, I was feeling great and noticing other benefits as well. For example: my bowels began moving better, my hands quit going numb and aching in my sleep, and I lost 8 pounds because I was able to be more active. I look forward to the years of good health ahead with the help of Dr. Bobby, and his God-given gift of healing.
Julie, 34

I am a butcher and I work on my feet at least 70 hours per week on concrete floors. My lower back was in a great amount of pain. After seeing Dr. Bobby for 6 months, the pain is completely gone! My energy has increased and I have lost 10 pounds without trying! I highly recommend Vertical Chiropractic!
Jesse, 30

I have been riding horses and mules all my life and for the last 12 years, I’ve experienced acute back pain and muscle spasms. I was taking pain drugs in order to bear the pain, but it wasn’t working anymore. After 6 months of chiropractic care, I am riding and I have no pain! Nothing short of a miracle for me! You have given me back a huge part of my life. I am truly blessed.
Marsha, 64

I came in to see Dr. Bobby for lower back and hip pain. After a thorough examination and several weeks of care, my pain is completely gone, and I feel and move better than I have in a long time. I have also lived with ringing in my ears for over 20 years, which is now so low I can hardly hear it! It’s amazing. I recommend Dr. Bobby for anyone, and if you want to feel better, start here.
Jim, 59


My husband Bill sought care from Dr Bobby because of unbearable neck pain. He had been to the family doctor and the orthopedic doctor, and was given an MRI, pills, and a diagnosis of surgery to fuse his neck vertebrae!!! After a few treatments (not necessarily involving his neck), he has had no more neck pain. GONE totally. He has been pain free now in his neck for 11 months. Surgery is off the table!
Bill, 61

Jill is 5 years old and would always fall asleep on car rides of any length. When she would wake up, she had neck pain so bad, she would cry. She complained frequently of various pains. After her second adjustment, she no longer complains of any pain!
Julie for daughter Jill, 5

I did chiropractic care for years but only for temporary symptom relief. After a couple adjustments from Dr. Bobby, I was moving with greater ease, sleeping better, feeling better and having less neck pain. Now, I’m more active and experiencing less tightness than I have known in years! This is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years!
Julie, 60


Dr. Bobby adjusted me for almost all of my pregnancy, and the birth of our third child “Scarlett” was by far the quickest and least painful of all. By the time my contractions started to hurt a little I was already an 8. And it only took2 pushes! We definitely feel the adjustments, and the prayers from the staff helped this labor so much. Praise GOD for Dr. Bobby.
Victoria, 39

During my third trimester of pregnancy, I experienced pain along my inner thigh and low back. It was painful during walks and getting out of bed in the morning. I appreciated Dr. Fano listening to my matter and then explaining to me what changes in my body had occurred for me to feel pain. Then, he gently adjusted me and I felt instant relief. Not only did Dr. Fano heal me with my concerns through Chiropractic care, he thought of the larger picture of my giving birth. He wanted to ensure my baby was in proper position for an easier delivery. After giving birth to my daughter, my midwife heard congestion as my baby cried. I took her to see Dr. Bobby and after checking her he found her head was a bit off axis. After a gentle adjustment her congestion was gone.
Cyndi, 37


I was having rib pain for about a year. After a couple visits with Dr. Bobby my pain is gone! This is a lot cheaper than going to a physician and having x-rays, MRIs, and being put on pain meds. It’s great knowing that I am not only fixing the problem but also helping my health overall!
Sandi, 30

I was injured in a fall and dislocated two ribs. After seeing Dr. Bobby, I have no pain anywhere and can sleep through the night. My spine has really been straightened out! I am grateful for the good health I am experiencing and so pleased with the great results.
Loretta, 48


I have been suffering with a pinched sciatic nerve and headaches for about 6 years. After seeing Dr. Bobby for about 7 weeks, I was doing a whole day’s worth of shopping and as I got to my car, I realized, “Hey! I’m NOT hurting!”I almost cried! Thank you, Heavenly Father for leading me to Dr. Bobby and staff!
Ruth, 66

On May 1st, I was taken to the emergency room with severe cramps in both legs and toes. I spent the next month in and out of the emergency room. I could do nothing but sit on my couch and cry. I couldn’t even drive my car. Such despair! A chance meeting with my nephew brought me to Dr. Bobby. I could feel things changing, even things that had been there for a lifetime. I can now walk, bend, and my anxiety is gone, and I have movement in my back that I never had before. Dr. Bobby and his staff are a joy. What are you waiting for? Give Dr. Bobby a chance. What do you have to lose but your aches and pains?
Marie, 56

Through my involvement in various activities, dance training, gymnastics etc., I was feeling “off” with chronic neck and shoulder tightness and mid-back tightness. My lumbar and legs had pain or sciatica. Also, I had “heavy leg syndrome.” Slowly but surely, the lumbar and sciatica has gone away. My neck doesn’t feel as tight. I have more energy and my legs feel more alive! It has been a journey and a privilege to straighten out, energize and learn about my body.
Sonja, 51

I came to see Dr. Bobby for sciatic pain that was so bad I wasn’t able to walk. He released the pinched nerve and I am now out of pain and walking just fine!
Margaret, 84


I have had a sleeping disorder for many years, waking up almost every hour and not being able to go back to sleep after 2am. After starting my care here with Dr. Bobby I am sleeping straight through the night until 6am!! I am so thankful!!
Diane, 74

I started coming to Vertical Chiropractic back in October with everyday headaches that came from two car accidents I had been in at the beginning of the year in 2010. They were really bad. I also had insomnia for four years; I was on sleeping aids that I took almost every night.Two months after I started coming, the headaches stopped almost completely. About three months ago I got off my sleeping aids, because I was sleeping better. I don’t normally even have trouble falling asleep now. Wow, what a difference this has done and been for my everyday life! Spending more time with my kids and having a lot more energy to do things through the day. Thanks, Dr. Bobby, for being a Godsend!
Laura, 37

I have been to several other chiropractors yet never felt like I was actually getting the care I needed. I came to Dr. Bobby and I have had incredible improvement! I am sleeping better, breathing better, feeling better, I am calmer, and my appetite has even improved!
Chuck, 53


I was told by a spine surgeon, “I would need surgery.” I was told by several chiropractors I was helpless. Then I came to see Dr. Bobby because a friend told me he was different. They were right! Immediately I felt better, my posture is better, and surgery is off the table! Dr. Fano is more than skilled – he is a kind and caring healer. His cheerfulness and positive outlook are contagious. I have hope now for my future! I highly recommend him if you want to take your ideas about wellness to a new level!
Lynn, 77

After four knee surgeries, I’ve been walking off kilter with immense pain in my waist and low back. This 3-year battle has come to an end, thanks to Dr. Fano. I’ve been adjusted before, but this time with Dr. Fano has helped me. Most of the pain has gone away, my posture has improved, and I am able to walk unassisted. After being confined to my apartment for many months due to pain, my neighbors are delighted to see that I still live in the apartment complex! My social life has improved drastically as a result of care.
Esmeralda, 80

I’ve been seeing Dr. Bobby now for 4 months and the results are priceless. I was introduced to the Gonstead approach with Dr. Bobby after visiting several other chiropractors. I’ve had lower back issues for 13 years now, and had to have surgery 3 years ago for a ruptured disc. This worked well until early this summer when bending over to pick something up, I fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up. The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t walk for 5 days and then I walked only with the help of a cane in each hand. Being a father of three girls and not able to hold them and play with them (especially our newborn) was very tough on me. I was at a real low in my life….I did not want another surgery. This is when I met Bobby and Brandi. I am nowback to playing with my girls and living life as it should be thanks to them. I am about halfway through my care plan and can honestly say, “I feel like a million bucks.” My three little girls and my wife all see Dr. Bobby now too, and they just adore him. Thank you, Bobby and Brandi, you are the answer to so many prayers!!!
Ryan, 33


I was diagnosed with hypothyroid at age 15 and have been on medication for the last 15 years. Since starting my care with Dr. Bobby, my thyroid has woken up and I have been able to lessen my dosage for the first time! I have lost weight and have more energy. This care has helped my son with his allergies tremendously as well! I would recommend this place to anyone!!!
Meagan, 31

I had blood work done six months ago and the test results showed that my thyroid was not working properly. The doctors recommended medication. After six months of chiropractic care at Vertical, my new thyroid test shows that my thyroid levels are normal and that I no longer need prescription drugs!
Marge, 54