Success Cases

Meet Jane. Jane is a typical patient that walks through our doors at Vertical Chiropractic. Jane is a wonderful person. As a 50 year old female, she looks great from the outside and smiles, but has nagging neck pain that drove her to seek chiropractic care. From her story, the mechanism of injury is her sleeping position. As we dug deeper into her story, she confesses multiple traumas including a motor vehicle accident about 20 years ago, and she states that she has been on thyroid prescription drugs for the past 10 years for a poor functioning thyroid. The images below include her latest neck x-rays and MRI studies on the right. For comparison, we included an image on the left representing optimal neck structural alignment. In summary, Jane had neck trauma 20 years ago that caused her neck to misalign causing spinal damage, osteoarthritis, spinal cord pressure and nerve irritation to her neck and thyroid. 10 years into poor functioning spinal joints and nerves, her thyroid got sicker over time. Radiation therapy was recommended, thyroid permanently destroyed, and now she is taking prescription drugs for the rest of her life. Did her neck pain happen over night? What if she saw a specific Gonstead chiropractor 20 years ago without symptoms; would her outcomes be different? Because it takes about 20 years to get from healthy normal to her chronic spinal decay, we believe they would.

Correct posture is important to a properly functioning spine. The curves in your spine act as levers, shock absorbers, and resistance to gravity; they also protect and reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nerve tissues. Comparative pre and post x-ray analysis results are an important component of monitoring the progress of focused efforts to realign the structure of a patient’s spine towards a healthy position. Your initial x-rays will let us show you if there are deficiencies in your spinal curvature and the extent of the problem. We will recommend an appropriate corrective program if needed. Since proper structure determines proper function, a comparative x-ray study allows the doctor and patient to “see” objectively when optimal function has been realized.The before and after x-rays shown below represent real patient cases at Vertical Chiropractic with real correction of their spine abnormality towards normal. In fact, these are typical results seen after properly adjusting subluxations with the focus on leveling the intervertebral disc using our Gonstead method. Each patient had a unique health problem related to his or her spine abnormality that improved within the corrective program. Because of the numerous different combinations of spinal misalignments that may be present, we serve to correct the spine and nervous system to as near normal as possible. Outcomes may vary with each individual case

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