The Process

As a Durango-based Chiropractic office, we detect and correct vertebral subluxations. If your condition is caused by a subluxation, a chiropractor can help. As chiropractors  we are focused on correcting the cause of your symptom, not merely covering your symptom. While there are over 200 techniques to do this, some have a greater degree of measurable attributes while preserving the philosophy. The Gonstead system is known as the most structurally and biomechanically specific technique that produces measurable results

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The spinal cord is an extension of the brain. Delicate nerves flow down the spine and out little holes called the intervertebral foramen.
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Normally, the bone above is prevented from misalining forward by the facet joint involving the bone below.

Disc Involvement

The disc is very strong in a non-degenerated state. However, repeated twisting and bending create micro-tears and weaken it.
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We use five criteria to determine which spinal joints are responsible for your condition. 


Vertical Chiropractic firmly believes in the amazing results of chiropractic care. Symptomatically, our patients often recover quicker. Before and after spinal imaging confirm posture change and other correction elements.

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